ILIAC UK has been established as the gateway for Anglo-Russian co-operation in the Library and Information Sector. The ILIAC Representative Office in the UK is located within Reading Central Library. Here, we have a collection of Russian-language material and English-language books about various aspects of Russia – its history, language, culture and the geography of its principal cities and its regions. We can also provide information to support science and technology, business, tourism, culture and the arts.

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Professional Visits
ILIAC UK arranges visits to the UK for Russian library and information specialists.
The visits focus on particular sectors of interest and seek to highlight examples of best practise. We also arrange visits to Russia to support UK library suppliers and library and information specialists who wish to gain an insight into the range of libraries and their services that can be found in Russia.
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Anglo Russian Banking Under Scrutiny

Customers are often confused about banks’ overdraft policies and end up choosing the wrong account, an inquiry of the Competitions and Market Authority (CMA) found. The variety of policies and exclusions make account holders face unexpected charges and end up in bad debt.

Cost of going into the red by a hundred pounds varies between £16 and £60 from one bank to another. Financial companies also add interest on unauthorized overdraft amounts, therefore, the longer customers use the facilities, the more cost they will incur.

Michael Hass spokesperson for No Hassle Mobile Phones told the Iliacuk: “The number of charges and scenarios on current accounts can be very confusing. This is because the way we spend tends to vary from month to month as we cope with bills, birthdays and holidays. Charges should not be a mystery to work out nor a nasty surprise”. Budgeting without knowing the cost of using overdraft facilities can result in unexpected fees and bad debt.

The CMA found that it is extremely hard for customers to compare competitors’ products, as the charges structure is too complicated. It urges banks and building societies in the UK to simplify fees and inform customers of the cost of borrowing. The authority has recently called for a detailed review of small business and personal banking in Britain, and overdraft charges are likely to be in the focus of the inquiry.

Until the bank charges structure is simplified, should contact independent advisors to help choose the most suitable product for their needs.

Crimea Conference The 11th International Library & Information Conference was held in Sudak, Crimea, Ukraine in June 2004. A paper – “ILIAC UK – Benefits for Russian Libraries” was presented. The ILIAC UK “Twin Town” Project was also launched for Russian participants.


This View of the Black Sea from Feodosia

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