Twin Town Links

Aim – To foster the inclusion of the Library and Information Sector in the programmes developed under Town Twinning arrangements.
A number of towns, cities and counties in Britain have formal twinning relationships with towns and regions in Russia. Each relationship will have its own particular strengths and priority areas of interest. Many will be concerned with culture and or business: areas where libraries play an important role. However, there is little evidence of close involvement by libraries in twinning activities. The aim of this project is to encourage Library and Information Sector involvement in twinning relationships.
Anglo-Russian Twin Towns are listed below.

Canterbury Vladimir
Cheltenham Sochi
Coventry Volgograd
Durham Kostroma
Exeter Yaroslavl
Glasgow Rostov-on-Don
Manchester St Petersburg




Perm Region

Perth Pskov
Plymouth Novorossiysk
Wakefield Belgorod
Watford Veliky Novgorod
Our Host Town – Reading