ILIAC UK has formulated a number of projects to facilitate the establishment of its services. These are listed below. Further links will be in place as these services are developed. Please Register if you have an interest in any of these projects.

ILIAC UK Projects


Twin Town Links
Aim – To foster the inclusion of the Library and Information Sector in the programmes developed under Town Twinning arrangements.


ILIAC UK Website
Aim – To develop an internet website to promote ILIAC UK and provide access to its services.

ILIAC UK Newsletter “UK Library News”
Aim – To produce a newsletter for Russian librarians and information specialists, providing news of current developments in library and information services and the information profession in the UK.
Current Activity“UK Library News “


English Language Learning for Librarians (ENGforLIB)
Aim – To develop an English-language distance learning course for Russian librarians.
Current Activity – Initial establishment of Moodle as the basis for a Virtual Learning Centre.


UK Participation at LIBCOM
Aim – To encourage UK participation in the Annual LIBCOM Conference (November) and create a participation package.
Current Activity – The ILIAC UK Ltd is organising a visit to Russia which will include participation in LIBCOM 2011.

Pending Projects


ILIAC UK Library
Aim – To establish a collection of Russian and English language materials about Russia for use by readers throughout the UK.

Editing of translated Russian texts
Aim – To provide an English language proof-reading and editing service to Russian libraries, information centres and business.

ILIAC UK Information Service
Aim – To provide an information service in the UK to support: the Russian library and information sector (including museums and archives); Russian language and culture; Russian science and technology; investment in Russia; regional development; and tourism. Russian access to UK information sources.

Information Standards
Aim – To establish an online library of the full-text in English and Russian of International, Russian and UK Standards relating to library and information work (including museums and archives).


UK Participation in the Crimea Conference
Aim – To encourage UK participation in the Annual Crimea Conference (June) and create a participation package.

Visits to the UK including to Online
Aim – To support an annual visit to the UK for Online (December) and other professional visits.

Professional and business development
Aim – To support UK and Russian professional and business development through seminars, courses and visits.