Professional Visits

Professional Visits to the United Kingdom

ILIAC UK Ltd organises visits to the UK for librarians and information spcialists from Russia. The visits will provide an opportunity for participants to visit libraries, information centres and other cultural facilities relating to their fields of interest. The libraries included in the visits will be leaders in their sectors or have facilities of special interest.

Many specialist centres are located away from London and the visits will provide access to many first class facilities and services throughout the UK.

The social side will not be forgotten and visits and activities of wider cultural and social interest will be included.

Participants will be responsible for arranging their own flights to the UK. This will enable them to extend their stay in the UK either before or after the tour. Assistance will be provided if necessary to arrange further accommodation or transport for such an extended stay.

Please let us know about your special interests and we will develop a programme to meet your requirements.

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