Eng for LIB

A web-based English Language Course for Russian Librarians and Information Specialists

This is a pilot course planned to run from later in 2010. This will involve 30 weeks of distance learning support divided into six 5-week blocks. The course will conclude with a one or two week study period based in Reading, England.

Supporting software

  • Moodle – Our Virtual Learning Environment will be used to support the course
  • British Council online test will assess students’ English language ability
  • Candidates will complete an initial online questionnaire about the technical facilities available to them and their course expectations
  • An instructor’s Blog will support student learning
  • Wikis will encourage student collaborative work
  • Skype will be used for individual tuition in speaking and listening skills

Information Curriculum

A model of the information profession, based on a re-interpretation of CILIP’s Body of Professional Knowledge will provide the information studies framework. Enrolment as a CILIP member will be required of students to enable them to access the various online texts, databases and communities to support their studies.

English Language Curriculum

The English language curriculum material will be based on Garnet Publishing’s “Skills in English” course books which will be supplemented for the needs of library and information specialists.

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